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Re: [Help] Shall We Date? : Ninja Assassin Spin-offs
by squeakychiona93 | Today at 08:30:29 PM
Don't know how to feel about the fact that item-wise, Aoi's ...
Re: [Help] BMPP: Secret Royal Night
by Porphyra | Today at 07:50:27 PM
Oh wow, I didn't even notice they'd adjusted the percentages...
Re: Sleepless Cinderella Party
by SecretHaven | Today at 07:27:09 PM
I don't know if we're guaranteed at least one gem per day fr...
Re: Sleepless Cinderella Party
by Lilwyn | Today at 07:15:21 PM
So I haven't really looked into it but aren't we suppose to ...
Re: [Walkthrough] Shall We Date?: Wizardess Heart+
by Lilwyn | Today at 06:34:03 PM
haha i added the album. Yeah it was just chance that you ran into the ...
Re: [Walkthrough] Shall We Date?: Wizardess Heart+
by crazymeli | Today at 05:19:44 PM
Wow crazymeli! I can't believe you have already finished Randy�...
Re: [Help] BMPP: Secret Royal Night
by Washu_Takahashi | Today at 04:10:47 PM
Since the full clear items still seem to apply to ALL routes, I'd...
Re: What are you currently listening to?
by Aiwethryne | Today at 02:58:38 PM
I am listening to an hour-long anime podcast while transferring stuff....
Re: [Help] BMPP: Secret Royal Night
by abbyyu | Today at 02:38:59 PM
I can't take it...reading Keith's route made me laughing har...
by Aiwethryne | Today at 02:08:26 PM
:heart:Birthdays~ REEEAAAH!It felt so good to know how my birthday (an...


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❤ ❤ ❤ Fall in love at... ❤ ❤ ❤

May 01, 2015, 08:44:10 AM by OtomeBabe
Views: 613 | Comments: 2

An Octave Higher


Welcome to Overture

The leading city of a great empire that has discovered and uses magic in its daily life.

But in a world where magic defines your class, there is unrest in the background.

Rumors of a revolution are stirring, and the city is uneasy.

Is a revolution really what this city needs?

Follow Elise, Franz and Frederic as they work towards their different goals,
but they are all brought together by one aspect: A broken piano.

In Overture, everyone knows that healing magic can’t be used on inanimate objects.

So when Elise extends her hands over the broken piano to try and fix it so that it’ll play again,
the journey of faith, compassion, courage, willpower and intelligence thrusts everyone down an unexpected path.

Can they fix the piano?

Will they reach their goal?

And will they survive the hidden turmoil of the brewing revolution?


Official Trailer

For more information, visit Google Play or iTunes or Steam

or for Lite Version, visit Google Play or iTunes

April 28, 2015, 07:22:28 AM by xaaax
Views: 1281 | Comments: 3

"Shall we date?: Castle Break"


You awake to find yourself lying on the floor in an ancient castle. The first thing you see is a sword lying beside you.

“Where am I?” Puzzled! You look around to find a man lying on the ground suited in a beautifully garnished armor. Before long, his consciousness returns and he asks...

“Are you my enemy?”

What is this place? You cannot remember why you’re here. You know you can’t just sit here and wait. You need to find a way out.

But getting out of the castle is no easy task. The castle is sealed by magic and there are all sorts of monsters roaming around the ancient castle.

Later you meet someone in the castle with the same fate, but who is he?
And the most pressing question on your mind is “Who am I?”

Will you be able to leave the castle unscratched?


For more information, visit Google Play or iTunes
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  • Aiwethryne: Well, anyway, here's the "PARTY" version of that historical app: [link]
    Today at 08:35:09 PM
  • Aiwethryne: Although I have to say that this looks hot~ [link]
    Today at 08:33:20 PM
  • Aiwethryne: Voltage released the English prologue of that historical game Sakura Amidst Chaos on Sweet Cafe, and the app is not even out, yet.
    Today at 08:31:15 PM
  • Sakuragawa: I don't even...reluctantly deleted at least 5 apps and still don't have enough space >.<
    Today at 06:14:49 PM
  • Ravonna: Oh I do use urban dictionary a lot. I meant some were just... you know hahaha I'm so contradictory -_-
    Today at 05:15:39 PM
  • Aiwethryne: The MFW update is that large, huh.
    Today at 02:47:35 PM
  • Aiwethryne: Internet slang is obviously unknown territory for the "official" dictionaries.
    Today at 02:47:06 PM
  • Sakuragawa: gdi I can't update mfwp even tho I deleted  lots of apps already
    Today at 02:23:09 PM
  • Sakuragawa: Urban Dictionary is my goto whenever I need to look up a word not in regular dictionaries
    Today at 02:22:04 PM
  • Aiwethryne: Pfft. The urban dictionary will get you more information than Wikipedia or formal online dictionaries.
    Today at 02:16:13 PM
  • Ravonna: I never trusted urbadictio but I'll take this one as it is hahaha
    Today at 02:11:09 PM
  • Ravonna: I'm one of those ignorant people
    Today at 02:09:35 PM
  • Aiwethryne: If you want to be all technical, [link] . And that is why I usually dislike just saying "otome." I only write just that because less people know "otoge."
    Today at 01:50:45 PM
  • Aiwethryne: Otoge = otome game; the infamous shortened term. Galge = gal game. Eroge = erotic game.
    Today at 01:47:55 PM
  • Ravonna: I see the word otoge a lot... What's the difference between otome & otoge?
    Today at 01:16:12 PM
  • Aiwethryne: I need to transfer my files already. Too many apps for the small amount of screenshots, compared to how many I USUALLY take.
    Today at 12:05:28 PM
  • AutumnSapphire: just started Klaus's route in WH and hello, glasses ^_^
    Today at 11:59:35 AM
  • Ravonna: The avatar in their all clear bonus has freckles... they're gonna give us an avatar with freckles next time?
    Today at 11:59:27 AM
  • Ravonna: Ooh! The ECB moon is flying! Nice! I like it
    Today at 11:57:23 AM
  • Ravonna: I thought it was funny (^.^;)>
    Today at 11:55:42 AM
  • Ravonna: AHAHAHA XD
    Today at 11:55:27 AM
  • Aiwethryne: Hello, Autumn.
    Today at 11:39:08 AM
  • Aiwethryne: He popped the weasle...
    Today at 11:38:54 AM
  • Aiwethryne: What aspect are you referring to?
    Today at 11:36:13 AM
  • Ravonna: Oh, bmpp has a button for default mode or simple mode... I don't know what's the difference tho. lol
    Today at 11:34:35 AM
  • AutumnSapphire: good morning :)
    Today at 11:19:02 AM
  • Aiwethryne: So they have to suffer with me and my slow updates but constant chatter.
    Today at 11:15:29 AM
  • Aiwethryne: Remember that I can change authors... Someone just needs to accept, but whenever I ask people are like nopenope.
    Today at 11:10:55 AM
  • Vixey: I already regret starting that thread I was too trigger happy. it took me too long and also I'm going away this weekend.
    Today at 11:07:28 AM
  • Ravonna: You totally fell for the other guys
    Today at 11:01:09 AM
  • Ravonna: MC in ninja assassin says, even if you weren't the one I chose that night, I'm sure I would have fallen in love with you... Yeah right.
    Today at 11:00:54 AM
  • Ravonna: Oh... I finally ran out of closet space :(
    Today at 10:53:27 AM
  • Vixey: okay after much ado I think I have the thread set up properly now
    Today at 10:33:13 AM
  • Ravonna: Intro's playing *laughs stupidly*
    Today at 10:16:45 AM
  • Ravonna: It's not really a plus since you have less time to finish the routes :(
    Today at 10:07:28 AM
  • Vixey: lol I should have never offered to start this thread
    Today at 10:04:38 AM
  • Vixey: voltage provided further clarification *updates*
    Today at 10:04:28 AM
  • Vixey: I put it in the wrong place hold on calm down
    Today at 10:03:58 AM
  • Aiwethryne: It is very misleading to put that date on the title line without explanation.
    Today at 10:02:00 AM
  • Vixey: the plus side to starting late
    Today at 09:56:28 AM
  • Vixey: haha was it? by the time I start events all the routes are usually there XD
    Today at 09:56:15 AM
  • Vixey: I guess I'll make room for the others when that half comes
    Today at 09:54:56 AM
  • Ravonna: Not that I ever tried it so I don't really know haha
    Today at 09:54:40 AM
  • Ravonna: Maybe boxing would be better, release all that pent up anger/energy! REAHHHH!!! Though it's not my type :P
    Today at 09:54:13 AM
  • Ravonna: Well Yoga was fun for me... Though i only took it because it was my PE and my friends had a horrible time
    Today at 09:53:22 AM
  • Ravonna: Usually after ECB
    Today at 09:52:21 AM
  • Ravonna: Like what happened in Ed's bday. The flirtatious route was followed up later
    Today at 09:52:00 AM
  • Ravonna: Yes, but then it'll be followed up by the other princes a few days later
    Today at 09:51:40 AM
  • Ravonna: You should totally take up Yoga. it's really fun :3
    Today at 09:50:58 AM
  • Vixey: do they normally only release three guys at once?
    Today at 09:50:48 AM


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