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Re: Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales+ released for Android & iOS
by Aiwethryne | Today at 11:44:13 AM
:bday: ...the other day, KC~My eyes are dry. *playing and sees blurry...
Re: Animal Boyfriend Released for Android
by sweeties999 | Today at 11:30:17 AM
Marie, thanks for making the event thread! though i honestly not know ...
Re: [Walktrough] Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales+
by Aiska | Today at 11:05:08 AM
You'll have to manually type in the bbcode now to hide text: text...
Re: [Walkthrough and Tips] Shall We Date: Mononoke Kiss+
by S.Sumire | Today at 10:59:45 AM
Answers fo Hajime spin-off:Sorry but I don't remember wich chapte...
Re: [Walktrough] Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales+
by snangel0008 | Today at 10:58:08 AM
Hey I just started this game, wanted to check if anyone knows if the r...
Re: [Walktrough] Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales+
by smashed_potato | Today at 10:50:16 AM
Ocean1.3 Use mouth-to-mouth. (Happiness went up a lot!!)1.6 Let me mak...
Re: Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales+ released for Android & iOS
by S.Sumire | Today at 10:31:35 AM
Already hearing about new Character :3Thumbelina
Re: [Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Lost Island (+Version)
by S.Sumire | Today at 10:20:41 AM
Got a quick questions ... Does the get letters only happen when u make...
Re: [Walktrough] Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales+
by Lazulis | Today at 10:14:01 AM
Ocean1.1 Mouth to mouthLet me make you happy1.6? I have to meet my dre...
Re: [Walktrough] Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales+
by udl | Today at 10:05:05 AM
My invitation code HEaUy0UDV6...


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❤ ❤ ❤ Fall in love at... ❤ ❤ ❤

Today at 08:41:50 AM by xaaax
Views: 45 | Comments: 3

“Shall we date?: My Fairy Tales+”
Classic Fairy Tales Do Come True!?


The story begins with you working hard every day just to become a great magician.

One day, you accidentally found a strange door at grandma’s house.

Out of curiosity to find out what’s behind the door, you enter and since couldn't get out of it.

In order to get back where you come from, you have to fulfill a requirement that is to make someone happy in this world.
Here comes the chance to make your own fantasy fairy tales in this masculine version of two classic stories.

Happily ever after?


1)   Male fairytale characters in this mysterious romantic story
2)   Players decide their love of endings
3)   Beautiful still graphics

For more information, visit Google Play or iTunes
Today at 06:22:43 AM by kokoro-cafe
Views: 155 | Comments: 2

Welcome back to Kokoro Café!!!

Tomorrow the event registration for Kokoro Café’s birthday scavenger hunt will be open.  This will be a three part event and the winner of the scavenger hunt will get a pick of which prize they prefer, i.e. iTunes gift card, Google Play gift card, games or Kokoro Café merchandise.  The second and third prize winners will also get a special present as well!  :heart:

More on the birthday event tomorrow! The registration for the scavenger hunt will be open for a week to take part in part I of the hunt.

New Forum Information (Please Read):
Some things have changed since we are running on a completely new forum software. Please read through the changes so you don’t run into problems later.

Some of you may need to fix your signatures.

Changes already made:

-BBCode Changes (anchor, atarget, rimg, aurl are no longer valid, check this page to see the replacements):

-Old spoilers section is now read-only. The new spoilers section is located here:;sa=album;in=13

-Fan Fictions can now be written in our designated fan fiction section here:;sa=myfics

-Trivia: Test your knowledge on otome games or create your own quiz here:

-Collapsible side panels: Just click the +/- above any side panel or the down/up arrow at the top of every box

-Calendar/Share Events: Share game events on the calendar (found under events in menu)

-Mini Social Network: Post on each other's personal wall (found in user profile)

-Mention: @Mention anyone and receive notifications

Items still in the works:

-Otome Database
-Editing walkthroughs
-Transferring images from spoilers to new section
-Donation page/Ad-Free Subscription
-Rules page
-Fix links

Possible upcoming work:

-Tapatalk support (or some kind of mobile support)

If you find something wrong with the forum leave a reply here and I will try to get to it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience guys!!!  :heart:

July 26, 2014, 10:28:08 AM by kokoro-cafe
Views: 108 | Comments: 3

Hey Kokorians,
I'm getting ready to move this forum onto a new forum software so
Kokoro Cafe will be offline in the very near future... most likely within the next 24-48 hrs. If there are any events or walkthroughs you need help with I highly suggest you guys keep the walkthrough on your screen and don't touch it.  I'll try to get everything moved over as fast as possible but there's a lot of data editing I need to do since things won't transfer perfectly over. I will post a message on Kokoro Cafe's Facebook and Twitter page once everything is back up.

Also, since Kokoro Cafe's 2nd birthday is on 7/28 I will be announcing an event in which some lucky Kokorians may be able to win some prizes! More on that when the new board is up! Look forward to it~~

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  • kokoro-cafe: Also a fanfiction system now too
    Today at 11:00:19 AM
  • kokoro-cafe: yup lol cg spoilers are getting moved to the gallery. Anyone can create an album and post their CGs
    Today at 10:59:44 AM
  • S.Sumire: oh nvm, found my answers
    Today at 10:52:48 AM
  • S.Sumire: ooh ok. And where are the CG spoilers? Or are they still being worked on?
    Today at 10:50:27 AM
  • kokoro-cafe: the graphic by each board also indicates if there is anything you haven't read. Read boards are gray and boards with new items are red
    Today at 10:47:09 AM
  • kokoro-cafe: page-ish thing? If there is a new post you will see a small black sign that says 'new' right next to the thread name
    Today at 10:45:29 AM
  • kokoro-cafe: just use alphabets instead of numbers, like the character name. spoilers are different, they don't hide the content from guests. The hide tags now you won't see anything to indicate they are there unless you view the forum as a guest.
    Today at 10:43:51 AM
  • S.Sumire: if the anchor and tags with numbers are not working, what should we use? for hide, i found out we are using spoilers
    Today at 10:35:13 AM
  • S.Sumire: the small image things that show whether the thread was read, popular, new post, etc. I see this page-ish thingy beside every thread name...
    Today at 10:34:24 AM
  • kokoro-cafe: hide is working, it just functions differently from the old tag and some of the anchor tags are broken because they no longer accept numbers and symbols
    Today at 10:23:00 AM
  • kokoro-cafe: huh? what do you mean by icons?
    Today at 10:21:11 AM
  • S.Sumire: oh and "hide" and "anchor" tags are not working
    Today at 10:15:03 AM
  • S.Sumire: hmm...I think it would be nice to show which icons indicates whatever it means...
    Today at 10:12:47 AM
  • kokoro-cafe: still working out the kinks, let me know if something looks wonky
    Today at 10:02:13 AM
  • S.Sumire: weeew!! this looks amazing! Now gonna explore a bit CX
    Today at 09:49:02 AM
  • kokoro-cafe: just make sure the when sharing that you uncheck the post link box otherwise you guys are making a full post in forum as well
    Today at 09:41:44 AM
  • kokoro-cafe: There's a calendar on here so you guys can post game events
    Today at 09:40:46 AM
  • udl: This is nice
    Today at 09:37:22 AM
  • Aiska: I like new layout :D Just need to get used to it ^.^
    Today at 09:35:42 AM
  • kokoro-cafe: Nope, changing the color scheme would mean a ton more work =/
    Today at 09:28:42 AM
  • barbie274: Thanks for the work! Is there a way to change the color scheme?
    Today at 09:27:02 AM
  • kokoro-cafe: How do you guys like the new layout?
    Today at 09:25:23 AM
  • kokoro-cafe: New chat box!
    Today at 09:25:03 AM


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